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Update your details

By law, you must keep your details up to date. 

You must notify the Department of Justice and Regulation within 21 days of any changes to your personal, contact and organisation's details. 

Register for access to MyCheck then login to update your:



Change of name
You will not be able to update your name online. To change the name on your card, download and fill in a Change of name form. Post the completed form and a certified copy of a document that demonstrates the link between your current and previous name, to the department.


Change of sex

To record a change of sex please write to the department providing:

  • your name. If you have changed your name, attach a completed Change of name form.
  • the title you wish the department to use in correspondence
  • your address and contact phone numbers
  • any one of the following:
    • a statement on letterhead from a registered medical practitioner or registered psychologist certifying your circumstances. For example intersex, undergoing gender transitioning, indeterminate or gender diverse
    • a certificate recognising your altered sex from Births, Deaths and Marriages or any other recognised authority in Australia or overseas
    • a current passport with details of your altered sex.  


Change of title
Please write to the department and request us to record a different title for you.