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Apply for a Check

In this section, you will find information about applications for the Working with Children (WWC) Check, including:


Before you apply for a WWC Check


You must determine if your work is ‘child-related work’. If it is, you need to apply for a WWC Check unless you qualify for an exemption. Go to Do I need a Check? and answer the questions to find out if you require a Check or not. 

Organisations can determine if a role or position requires a WWC Check using Do my workers need a Check?


My work is child-related work and I am not exempt, what do I do next?

You must apply for a WWC Check before you commence child-related work.

If you have not applied for the WWC Check but you are already engaged in child-related work you must cease this work until you have lodged an application.

When you lodge an application for a WWC Check, you will receive an application receipt. You may do child-related work while your application is processed unless you have been charged with, found guilty or convicted of a serious physical or sexual offence known as a Category 1 or Category 2 offence under the Working with Children Act 2005 (the Act).

If you have a Category 1 or a 2 offence, you cannot work with or care for children until the Department of Justice has processed your application and only then if you are issued with a WWC Check card. It is a serious offence for you to do child-related work without a WWC Check card. Go to Relevant offences list and Application assessment for details.

There are other situations where you may not or cannot do child-related work until you have passed the Check. Go to Individual offences and Interim Negative Notices.


What do I need to lodge an application?
  • the WWC Check Application summary
  • a photo of passport size and quality
  • original and current proof of identity (POI) documents
  • the application fee if you are applying for an Employee card.