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Apply for a Check

In this section, you will find information about applications for the Working with Children Check (Check), including:


Before you apply for a Check


You must determine if your work is child-related work. To do this, go to Do I need a Check? and answer the questions. If you intend to do child-related work, you need to apply for a Check unless you qualify for an exemption.

Organisations need to work out which of their positions require workers to have a Check by answering the questions in  Do my workers need a Check?


My work is child-related work and I am not exempt, what do I do?

You must apply for a Check before you commence child-related work.

If you have not applied for a Check but are already doing child-related work, and are not exempt, you must cease this work until you have lodged an application.

When you lodge an application for a Check, you will receive a receipt. The Working with Children Act 2005 (the Act) allows most people to do child-related work while their application is being processed.

However, by law, you cannot work while your application is being processed if you:

  • have been charged with, or convicted or found guilty of a serious sexual, violent or drug offence listed in clause 2 of Schedule 3 of the Act
  • have previously been given a Negative Notice
  • are subject to orders or reporting obligations under the:
    • Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004
    • Serious Sex Offenders Monitoring Act 2005
    • Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) Act 2009
  • have applied for a Check to supervise a child in employment under the Child Employment Act 2003
  • have applied for a Check for work regulated by the Education and Care Services National Law (Victoria)
  • have applied for a Check for work regulated by the Children’s Services Regulations 2009.

If any of the above situations apply to you, you must not work with or care for children until the department has assessed your application. Only if you pass the Check will you be able to do child-related work.

It is a serious offence for you to do child-related work without passing the Check. For details, go to the List of offences and Application assessment.

There may be other situations where you cannot do child-related work until you have passed the Check. For more information go to Individual offences and Interim Negative Notices.


What do I need to lodge an application?

To lodge an application, you will need:

  • the printout of your online Application summary
  • a photo of passport size and quality
  • original and current proof of identity (POI) documents
  • the non-refundable application fee if you are applying for an Employee Check.