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Hand back your card

You may need to hand your card back to the Department of Justice and Community Safety because:

You do not need to apply for a new Check if you change jobs or where you volunteer. You can add your new organisation to your existing Check online. For further information, go to Update your details.

You will need to change your Check type if you are transferring from Volunteer to paid child-related work. You can also do this online though MyCheck. Fees apply. For more information, go to Volunteer to Employee Check.


You are no longer engaged in child-related work

If you no longer need your card, you can return it to the department at any time.

If you hand back your card and are not exempt from the Check, you cannot do child-related work. If you want to do child-related work in the future, you must re-apply.

Once the department receives your card and cancels it, monitoring of your criminal records and professional conduct determinations and findings ceases.

Information you provided the department will be stored and disposed of in accordance with the Public Records Act 1973.


You are issued with another card
If your card is faulty or you submit an additional application for the Check, the department may direct you to return your original card. Penalties apply if you fail to return the card without a reasonable excuse. The department will cancel this card and issue you with a new one. You may continue to do child-related work using your new card.


Your card has been revoked     
If the department revokes your card, you cannot work with children. The department will direct you to return your card and penalties apply if you fail to do so without a reasonable excuse.

How to hand back your card

To return your card:

  1. Sign a statement declaring that you are the holder of the card and that you want to cancel it, or that you are returning it at the department’s direction. Please include your current address, as the department will let you know in writing when the card is cancelled.
  2. Mail your card and statement to:

Working with Children Check Unit
Department of Justice and Community Safety
GPO Box 1915
Melbourne VIC 3001

The department will also notify the organisations engaging you in child-related work that your card has been cancelled. If you remove any organisation from your records, the department has the power to notify them that you have done so.