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Lodging your application

You must complete an online application form before you lodge your application. Go to Apply for a Check, then select ‘Apply in Victoria’ or ‘Apply from interstate’. To submit your application, follow the steps below.


Victorian applicants

You will need to finalise your application at a  participating Victorian Australia Post outlet.




Interstate applicants

Tip: It will be easier and cost less to apply after you move to Victoria.

To apply from interstate:

  1. Complete your application online, then print your application summary
  2. Locate a certifying officer authorised by your state’s justice department, such as a Justice of the Peace, and ask them to:
    • certify the photocopies of your proof of identity documents
    • sign the back of a passport size photo that it is a true likeness of you.
    • complete the declaration on the application summary
  3. Mail the above documents to the department, together with:
    • an additional passport size photo of yourself
    • a completed payment form for the non-refundable fee, if you are applying for an Employee Check. Volunteer Checks are free.

For full details on the interstate application process, go to the Interstate applicant information sheet.