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Passing the Check

If you pass the Working with Children Check,  the Department of Justice and Community Safety will let you know by email and you will receive a card in the mail within two weeks.

Your card has your name, photograph, card number, card type, expiry date and other unique security features on it to prevent fraudulent use.

Checks are valid for five years from the date you pass the Check. Relevant criminal records continue to be monitored during this time. Your Check may be suspended or revoked if you are charged with a relevant offence, or if a professional conduct determination or finding is made against you by the bodies listed in What is checked.


What’s the difference between an Employee and a Volunteer Check?
  • An Employee Check allows you to do any paid or voluntary child-related work.
  • A Volunteer Check can only be used for voluntary child-related work.
  • If you have a Volunteer Check and you need an Employee Check, you can make this change online. Fees apply. Go to Volunteer to Employee Check for more information.


Who will pass the Check?

If the screening does not reveal any relevant offences or adverse professional conduct determinations or findings, you will pass the Check.

For details, go to Application assessment.       


When can the department be ordered to issue a Check?

If you fail the Check and the department issues you with a Negative Notice, you have the right to appeal the department’s decision at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). You must apply to VCAT within 28 days of the date of the Negative Notice. After hearing your appeal, VCAT may decide in your favour and order the department to give you a card, or it may decide to uphold the department’s decision.

For more information, go to Failing the Check.


Renewing your Check

By law, you must keep your details up to date. The department uses these to remind you when your Check is due to expire. If you wish to continue child-related work, you can renew it for a further five years.

For details, go to Renew your Check.