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The Check assists in protecting your child from sexual or physical harm by screening the criminal records and professional conduct of people doing child-related work.

When a person passes the Check, it means that the Department of Justice and Regulation has determined that they do not pose an unjustifiable risk to children. The organisation engaging the person must then assess whether they are suitable to work with children, and continue to monitor their behaviour.

Protecting your child

By law, organisations such as childcare services and sporting clubs must make sure that workers doing child-related work have a Check.

Before your child participates in activities at an organisation, you may wish to learn more about how the organisation recruits and supervises workers who will be caring for your child. The Commission for Children and Young People has useful information on how to recognise a child-safe organisation.

If your child is tutored by a self-employed person, it is up to you to make sure the tutor has a current Check. Ask the tutor to show you their card or application receipt. Take a note of the tutor’s last name and card or receipt number then find out if they have a valid Check using the Check status service. 

Your work with children

If you plan on doing child-related work and do not qualify for an exemption under the Working with Children Act 2005 (the Act), you must obtain a Check. You also require a Check if you are working with children other than your own, unless you are exempt.

Working with your own child is an exempt activity.

Example 1

Mark coaches his daughter's junior football team. He does not need a Check to coach the team, even if his daughter is sick one week and cannot play. However, if she is promoted to the senior team, Mark must pass the Check to continue coaching the junior team.

Example 2

Sarah has volunteered to be an official at her son's school athletics carnival. Although she will be judging other events rather than her son's, Sarah is exempt from the Check as her son's event is part of the larger carnival.


Can I work while my application is processed?

Yes, unless you have been charged with, convicted or found guilty of a sexual, violent or drug offence listed in clause 2 of Schedule 3 of the Act.

For details, go to Applicant obligations.