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VIT registration and the Check

If you are currently registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), you are exempt from the Working with Children (WWC) Check. This is because registered teachers are subject to extensive criminal history screening and weekly monitoring similar to the WWC Check. In addition to this, registration is only granted by the VIT to teachers who are appropriately qualified and assessed by the VIT as ‘suitable to teach’.

However, if your VIT registration is suspended or cancelled, the exemption no longer applies and you must apply for a Check. You must, in writing, notify every organisation that engages you in child-related work within seven days of the suspension or cancellation of your VIT registration. The VIT will notify the WWC Check Unit of the cancellation of your registration.

For clarity, the differences between VIT registration and the WWC Check are as follows:

  Victorian Institute of Teaching registration Working with Children Check
Purpose VIT registration is a legal requirement for all teachers who undertake the duties of a teacher in a school or early childhood setting. The WWC Check is a legal requirement for all individuals engaging in paid or voluntary child-related work in a relevant occupational category, as defined by the Working with Children Act 2005.

Renewal of registration is a requirement for registered teachers and registered early childhood teachers. It is not a requirement for provisionally registered teachers, provisionally registered early childhood teachers or teachers holding permission to teach.


A Check is valid for five years after which cardholders must renew their Check if they wish to continue doing child-related work.

Offences and matters considered


The VIT is required to investigate a person’s suitability to teach, which includes an investigation of all indictable offences, as required by the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, as well as issues associated with conduct and competence. The Check considers :
  • charges, convictions or findings of guilt for sexual, violent or drug offences
  • charges, convictions or findings of guilt for any offence that represents an unjustifiable risk to the safety of children
  • certain disciplinary findings (i.e. suspension or cancellation of VIT registration and disqualification of registration by the out-of-home-care Suitability Panel)
  • offences against the Working with Children Act 2005.

Suspension or cancellation


The VIT investigates an individual teacher’s suitability to teach and may consider matters that do not relate to a risk to the safety of children.
If the teacher is found guilty of a sexual offence, his or her registration is immediately cancelled and that person is disqualified from teaching in a Victorian school or early childhood setting.
A person will be refused a Check if they are assessed as posing an unjustifiable risk to the safety of children.
The seriousness of the offence will determine the type of assessment, for example, the most serious offences for the purposes of the Check are assessed as Category A, and will result in the automatic refusal of a Check.
A person’s Check will also be suspended if they are charged with, convicted or found guilty of any of the serious offences or matters listed in Schedule 3 to the Working with Children Act 2005

Notification of cancellation


When a VIT registration is cancelled, the WWC Check Unit, the teacher’s employer, interstate teacher registration authorities and the Taxi Services Commission are notified.
A register of teachers is maintained by the VIT and can be viewed online on the VIT website.

When a  Check is suspended or cancelled all organisations the applicant has listed on their application form or through the change of details form on the WWC Check website will be notified by the Department of Justice and Community Safety.
The current status of a person’s Check can be viewed online on the WWC Check website.