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            About the Check
                  What's new
                        Working with Children Act
                        Changes to Legislation
                  Who needs a Check?
                        Occupational fields
                  What the Check means for you
                  How is a Police Check different?
                  VIT registration and the Check
                  Offences & penalties
                        Organisations' offences
                        Individuals' offences
                  Apply for a Check
                  Lodging your application
                        Proof of Identity requirements
                        Photo requirements
                  The application process
                        Your obligations
                        What is checked
                        Your privacy
                  Application assessment
                        Passing the Check
                        Requests for information
                        Interim Negative Notices
                        Failing the Check
                  Withdrawing your application
                  Your obligations
                  Check status
                  Update your details
                  Renew your Check
                  Volunteer to Employee Check
                  Replace your card
                  Hand back your card
                  Ongoing monitoring
                        Card suspensions
                  Retrieve application/card number
                  Interstate Checks

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